Joke Leonare (Jj funhouse)

Our very first mix is created by Joke Leonare of Jj funhouse, from Belgium. We asked Joke a few questions about her mix for us, her music, and of course, some of her favorite things to eat. Read on below and listen...

Can u express the mood of this mix with 3 words?
Out To Lunch

What is the name Jj funhouse?
Jj funhouse evolved into a music label, which I officially started in 2014 together with Jozefien Gruyaert. We've since then been releasing music on vinyl, tape and cd and are responsible for all the artwork. 

Jj funhouse is a metaphor for our way of working. A funhouse is a mirror palace. It’s the cheapest attraction on the carnival; just misplaced mirrors that make you look funny and malformed. We like working in a similar way. We don’t choose the most fancy materials to work with. It’s nice to work with this discomfort sometimes; it makes you look for inventive solutions. And Jj stands for, well, our initials.

What's ur favorite prince tune?
So hard to just pick one, I'll give you 5.
- Erotic City
- Get off
- When you were mine
- Girls & Boys
- The ballad of Dorothy Parker

What's your best breakfast?
When I'm in Antwerp, it's a Moroccan pancake with cream cheese, olives and honey and a coffee from Alfi's yellow van at the Saturday market. On Sunday, my best breakfasts are spend at Otark Breakfast Club in Bosbar. There are always foods I've never heard of before on their menu, and they cook with a special love. Coffee is from the roasting factory downstairs and I usually end up spending half my Sunday there. When I'm in Lisbon, I enjoy breakfast at home with my boyfriend, a fresh juice and an egg in a hole. 

What's the change in 2020?
Babysteps towards a bigger change

Whats ur anger?
Old demons